The Ferrari name began on the 18th of February 1898 when Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was born in the outskirts of Modena.

From a very early age, Enzo and his brother Alfredo were introduced to the world of motorsport and performance cars. When Enzo was ten, his father brought him to see a motor race at Via Emilia in Bologna. From then on Enzo had a passion for cars.

However, his world was stripped away from him in 1916 when both his brother and father passed away. Because of this, Enzo had to give up all his studies, and eventually fight for the Italian Army in World War One.

After being taken ill and honorably discharged from the Army, Enzo tried to get a job at Fiat in Turin but he was unsuccessful. However, at the end of 1918, Enzo found work as a test driver for a small company in Turin who built the much-sought after Torpedos.

Then after starting his racing career in 1919 and racing for Alfa Romeo, he was made a Cavaliere (Knight) for his multiple sporting achievements, and thereafter he achieved a great amount of motorsport success. However, in 1931 he had to leave motor racing behind because of the impending birth of his son Alfredo, also known as Dino.

He later decided also to leave Alfa Romeo so he could pursue a life of not just driving cars but building them as well, creating the Auto Avio Construzoni in Modena. This is when the Ferrari history really sets off.

His company built various race cars before the Second World War, and even during the war when his factory was bombed, but it was towards the end of 1945 that he decided to design the first car to carry the name ‘Ferrari’. He wanted a beautiful, V12 powered car that could do everything well, and by December 1946, he had released his official drawings to the press: the 125 S.

From then on, the Ferrari company has built hundreds of beautiful cars to suit a number of purposes: grand touring, performance driving, and racing.

In recent years, Ferrari has released some of the most impressive driving and racing cars the world has ever seen, the most renowned being the Ferrari F60, named after the company’s founder: the Ferrari Enzo.

Although Ferrari has come under scrutiny in recent years from various motoring organisations because of ‘a lack true beauty’, they are nevertheless wonderful to behold and technologically brilliant. A Ferrari is a true driver’s car.


Ferrari F40

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M



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Ferrari 458 Challenge Revealed


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