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Better late than never

A late choice for the 2010 car of the year. Continue reading

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Formula one is far too relaxing – spring cleaning is needed

This seasons Formula One Grand Prix has been, to be honest, a little bit boring. There have been no fireballs, except Heikki Kovalainen’s uneventful fire in Singapore, and no real crashes except Webber’s summersault in Valencia. Many people put this … Continue reading

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I don’t want my first car to be the Pope’s weekend motor

So, here we are. After many years of dreaming to drive out on the open road, I can finally do it. And, oddly, it isn’t as difficult as I thought: balancing the clutch, steering away from pedestrians, parked cars and … Continue reading

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Will it ever get boring? Somehow, I don’t think so

When I was five, I knew I would never get bored of children’s books. I could never stop reading about a guinea pig called Trevor who had a water vole friend called Humphrey and a servant called Geoff, who happened to … Continue reading

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