Lewis Hamilton Out of Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire from the 15th race of this years 19 race Grand Prix season at Singapore after a small collision with title challenger, Mark Webber, on lap 36.

The incident occurred on the 7th corner when, after the run-out from turn 6, a slower Virgin Racing car forced Webber to make an overtake attempt, leaving Hamilton behind with more momentum, in turn allowing him an opportunity to pass both Webber and the Virgin car at the same time. As the two cars entered the braking zone for turn 7, Webber was not given enough braking space, meaning he hit the rear right wheel of Hamilton, causing him to skid over the kerb. Although Webber was able to continue, Hamilton received suspension and wheel damage, forcing him to quit the race.

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Hamilton left his car angrily, throwing the £30,000 steering wheel from the car.

At the time of the incident, Hamilton was just five points behind drivers championship leader, Webber, with 187 points.

Speaking after the race, Lewis said: “I’m not sure what happened because I didn’t spot anyone and haven’t seen the tapes yet; Webber was in my blind spot”. He also said that he couldn’t have had a worse two races and that it is tough to call whether he still has a chance with the title, but he hopes that at least Jenson Button will do well.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore has a 5.073 km track length, and with 61 laps in the race, the drivers have to endure 309.316 km of intense driving, at an average speed of 189 kph.



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