2012 Nissan GT-R Changes and Pictures

Following new pictures of the next Nissan GT-R being leaked onto the internet, more information is available as to the spec of the car.

On the outside, subtle styling changes have been made that will supposedly reduce the cars drag coefficient from 0.272 to 0.268. Daytime running LED lights have also been introduced as standard.

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A revised front splitter and new rear diffuser will also mean that the cars downforce will be increased by 10 per cent.

New aluminium alloy wheels will be available as well which will reduce the car’s weight by 12 kg over all.

The new car will also feature two new paint colours called Aurora Flare Blue Pearl and Nebula Opal Black.

The interior will feature minor changes over the previous GR-R, however, no information is available at the moment.

The latest car will be officially confirmed on the 18 th of October, as well as the new Nissan GT-R M-Spec, and then revealed publicly on the 17th November at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama.


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