Mustang Boss 302 Beats BMW M3 Around Laguna Seca

The meanest looking and fastest Mustang for years come in the form of the Mustang Boss 302.

From the off, this new 5.0 litre V8 American muscle car that shares its looks with the iconic 1960’s Boss, was built to beat BMW’s M3. has moved to new Read this article here at Mustang Boss 302 Beats BMW M3 Around Laguna Seca or visit for more motoring news.

And so recently, at Laguna Seca Raceway, it has.

“For us that meant a production Mustang that could top one of the world’s best in lap times at Laguna Seca”, says Ford, continuing with “We met our expectations”.

Not only does the Boss cost substantially less, the 302 destroys the M3 when it comes to pace as well: for the Mustang, 0-60 takes 4.1 seconds as opposed to the M3’s 4.9 seconds.

Click here to view the Motoring Press article on the 2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302.


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5 Responses to Mustang Boss 302 Beats BMW M3 Around Laguna Seca

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  2. mtv download says:

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  3. Kiwi John says:

    The Mustang GT is already taking care of business.

    In a recent Motortrend test the M3 was less then 1/10 sec faster around a racetack than the GT. But the Stang GT was fractionally quicker in the figure 8 and quarter mile tests.

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