Mustang Boss 302 Unveiled

The impressive and striking Ford Mustang Boss 302 has just been unveiled.

The Boss 302 set to be released in 2012 will feature a reworked version of the regular 5.0 litre Mustang V8, giving it 440 bhp and 380 lb/ft of torque. has moved to new Read this article here at Mustang Boss 302 Unveiled or visit for more motoring news.

It will also have an improved exhaust system, also boosting power, as well as a new clutch and an optional limited-slip differential and optional Recaro seats.

Other improvements have been made on the suspension, traction control and dampening systems.

New cosmetic improvements include new 19″ aloy wheels and Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Prices will not be announced for several months.

Click here to read the Motoring Press article: Mustang Boss 302 Beats BMW M3 Around Laguna Seca.


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3 Responses to Mustang Boss 302 Unveiled

  1. darrenmoss says:

    mmmm dreamy! I’ve always had a thing for Mustangs, and this one looks fantastic!

    It’s as close looking to the 60’s Mustangs as I think we’re going to get, and being a Mustang it’ll have lost none of the brute force power that made the original famous. My dream car.

    • Seán Ward says:

      It does look fantastic and it does have the similar ‘look at me like that again and I’m gonna punch you in the face’ sort of look that old mustangs always had.

      Just start saving your pennies and put an order in for one of them!

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