Ferrari 458 Challenge Revealed

Ferrari has just released the only official picture of the new Ferrari 458 Challenge.

Ferrari has said that the new cars weighs significantly less than the standard production car. It will also sit 30 mm lower, have 19 inch racing wheels, Pirelli slicks, and new Brembo carbon ceramic disc brakes. has moved to Read this article here at Ferrari 458 Challenge Revealed or visit for more motoring news.

A rather unusual feature for racing Ferraris is a ‘Race Traction Control System’ that, when switched on, is able to deliver maximum power to the rear wheels whether in the dry or in the wet. But for those who see traction control as a race hindrance, there is an ‘Off’ button mounted prominently on the steering wheel.

Official specification and performance figures have yet to be released by Ferrari.

Click here to read the official Ferrari 458 Challenge Press Release.


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