Renault DeZir Sports Coupé

Renault has just unveiled a new concept sports coupé ahead of this years Paris motor show: the DeZir.

This handsome and menacing looking concept is Renault’s attempt to show that “electric vehicles and a love for cars are not incompatible”. has moved to Read this article here at Renault DeZir Sports Coupé or visit for more motoring news.

The car, if it were to be built, would have a 150 bhp electric motor allowing it to get from 0-60 mph in five seconds and on to a top speed of 112 mph. This means that despite the sporty body, every other Renault model, with the exceptions of the Kangoo and the Modus, has a car capable of going faster.

The DeZir would also have 21-inch wheels, gull wing doors, aluminium side panels, and a very small drag coefficient of 0.25.

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