A 3500 bhp Mini

No, this isn’t a mistake. A 3500 bhp mini is being showcased at this weekends Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This incredible power has been created and harnessed by an engineering company called Cummins who have created a diesel 3500 bhp V18 engine to fit into an original mini.

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As well as a huge power output, the engine has 12 turbochargers and 10, 000lb ft of torque.

The mini has had several modifications to allow it to deal with the engine that is usually seen on mining trucks.

Steve Nendick from Cummins said: “It proved to be a bit tricky to fit under the bonnet, but our engineers came up with a more creative solution.”

Unfortunately, the odds of you being able to buy a mini such as this one or even drive it on the roads are very small, but with some persuasion, Cummins are bound to sell you one as a day-to-day trip-to-the-shops car.


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