A Six-Wheeled Super Car

Yes, the first six-wheeled super car, with a 400 bhp engine and a top speed of over 180 mph, is here, and it’s hardly a minger.

The CW6, created by Covini Engineering, has a 4.2 litre 32 valve V8 engine that develops around 420 bhp as well as 470 Nm of torque, and has a claimed top speed of 185 mph.

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According to Covini, the CW6 ‘is pointed in the direction of new research into active and passive safety’, but the 6 wheels also ‘permit an improvement in braking, comfort and directional stability’.

Although the car is still a prototype, it is very much a working car. However, Covini have not announced any plans to put it into production.

But, if you’re ever in the market for a 6-wheeled supercar that could make even a Ferrari look dull and dreary, the CW6 is your first port of call.

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2 Responses to A Six-Wheeled Super Car

  1. Steve says:

    Why stop at six? What about one big wheel with a seat on top and an engine in the middle? Admittedly there wouldn’t be anywhere for the spare tyre.
    I would expect them to throw in a pair of goggles, in fact I’d demand it! I simply wouldn’t buy it without eye protection – no way!

    • Seán Ward says:

      Good idea, although it may be a bit unstable at high speeds. Still, the Wright Brothers had set backs so I’m sure the problems can gradually removed from the one wheeled motor. But what would it be called? And would it come with a spare pair of goggles?

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