The New Koenigsegg Agera

This is certainly one of the most striking looking new cars of 2010, but being the follow-up to Koenigsegg’s CCX R, it had to be.

The new Agera boasts 910 bhp from a twin-turbo V8, which also produces 811 lb ft of torque, with over 90% of it being available between 2,680 and 6,100 rpm. So, if you needed a hearing aid after stepping out of the CCX R, you’re going to need an even bigger hearing aid and an ear-trumpet to have even the slightest hope of hearing the dealer tell you how many of your own pounds you will be parting with; expect to see prices soar past £900 000. has moved to Read this post here at The New Koenigsegg Agera or visit for more motoring news.

When looking at the engine of a Koenigsegg, however, you know it will be a powerhouse and you know the price will make you considerably poorer, so what really surprises is the revamped appearance. The outside, despite having go faster stripes and a more bulbous body, is more grown up and refined than the old Koenigseggs.

The interior is also more striking than the previous models, with wonderful swade and leather seats with racing harnesses. Not only that, but the dash looks like it has been lifted straight from the pages of science-fiction.

Also included is a satnav system, a G-meter, a lap-timer, and a radio… Not that you will be able to hear it, obviously.

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