Ford Focus RS 500 – The Focus Send-off

With this car being the send-off for the current focus, Ford knew they had to produce something special. And with the RS 500, they have.

The RS 500 badge was first seen on the Sierra Cosworth, but has now been placed on one of Fords best-selling cars: the Focus. has moved to Read this post here at Ford Focus RS 500 – The Focus Send-off or visit for more motoring news.

It has been made to mark the end of production of the standard RS model, and has had its power from the 2.5 litre turbocharged engine increased from 300 bhp to an impressive (especially for a front wheel drive car) 345 bhp.

The RS 500 will be sold in 20 countries; 101 of the 500 being made will be sold in Britain, although, all of them were sold within twelve hours of the car being launched.

As the pictures show, the matt black car has much more presence than the standard RS (which wasn’t exactly a shy beast to begin with). The RS 500 also boasts 19-inch alloy wheels and slightly more flared wheel arches.

On the inside, there is a unique style of trim on the centre console, embossed with the RS 500 logo, and a plaque registering your car’s place in the production run give a sense of occasion to what’s essentially a standard Focus interior.

A larger intercooler, wider air filter and a freer flowing exhaust pipe, as well as an uprated fuel pump and an ECU tweak are all that’s required to liberate an extra 15 per cent horsepower, and trim the 0-62mph sprint from 5.9 to 5.6 seconds.

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