Lawnmower Speed Record Broken Again

Team boss Stephen Vokins with driver Don Wales

Don Wales has broken the lawnmower land speed record for a second time on Sunday 23rd May, achieving 87.833 mph, compared to his speed the previous day of 86.069 mph.

Despite not achieving the target of 100 mph, the team were still ecstatic at their weekend’s achievements. has moved to Read this post here at Lawnmower Land Speed Record Broken Again or visit for more motoring news.

Clare Hansley-Boyd, spokeswoman for the team, said that sand conditions meant the going was relatively slow and that the record attempt had been hampered by headwinds. But the record was set after an afternoon of careful preparations which included course inspections and test drives.

Once all preparations were complete, the record attempts took place over a measured mile in one direction, with the driver returning within an hour.

To prove that this was indeed a working lawnmower, Don trimmed a patch of grass before making his world record attempt.

Mrs Hansley-Boyd said after the world record runs had been achieved that “It is a bit early to say where we will be going from here, but I think the 100 mph target is something that everyone will be aiming at for the future.”

Although a date for the return of the ‘sports lawnmower’ has not yet been set, both the team and Don have vowed that they will return.


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